I Get It, I’m Not The Best Dad

After The Boy was born, I spent a lot of time stressing over filling all the awake, non-eating hours with the “right” activities. There were all these magazines filled with ideas for the right activities and crafts for developing babies and toddlers. Man, I felt like crap. But by the time The Girl was born, I was over it and spent my time laughing at the new parents who swore they’d find the time to do everything with their kids.

You WILL have fun.

All these years later, I’m constantly reminded of my shortcomings as a father (usually by myself–I’m working on it…). This Father’s Day, I noticed an unusual number of postings of lists of great dads and dad videos and dads doing things with their kids. But this list just isn’t fair! Don’t get me wrong—I admire and envy each one of these guys and wish I had the ideas they had. Especially the first guy. And now I feel like it’s too late.

But I must be doing something right. The kids got me Apple TV for Father’s Day. And no, you can’t use it to watch every episode of Family Guy. It’s inappropriate! And I’m a good dad (wink).